Bings Creek Fish Habitat


bings_creek_fish_habitat7281_blob2014 has not been a good year for fish in the Cowichan Valley. Drought has all but dried up the habitat needed for spawning.

The Cowichan River reached a historic low and now, in early September, there is still no relief on the horizon.

The photos below are of a section of the Bings Creek Fish Habitat Restoration Project. This spot is nestled deep within the rain forest surrounding Duncan, BC … but still less than 5 minutes walk from a city cul-de-sac and only 10 metres off a walking trail.

While the Somenos Management Plan has as part of its mandate to ensure trees/shrubs thrive within the Bings Creek Habitat Restoration Zone, no-one could have foretold the drastic lack of water that has occurred.


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  1. Noor says:

    I live in the Oakland (CA) hills and today on a walk I came across a stand of these trees — I have devrin by this spot thousands of time and walked by many times as well (we have lived on this hill for 35 years). I picked a few and brought them home — never seen these before. But now I am going to make this cherry jam! Someone, or the city (can’t imagine this) planted them years ago — there are 4 or 5 trees among redwoods, oaks, and bays. Unbelievable. I am excited!

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