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In My Digital Darkroom

I am a freelance writer and photographer based on Vancouver Island at the moment. Welcome to my blog.

My new novel, From Thine Own Well, is returning from the editor on November 1 and is scheduled for release at the end of November. Visit the book website or the Facebook Page for more information and to see when the preorders will be available.

You can also purchase my photography book, The Digital Eye, as a paperback or eBook at Amazon.

Fawn Fritzen, Singer, Songwriter

Working with Norm was a pleasure from the beginning.  He truly lives up to his “Authentic You” promise; I was impressed with his warmth and his genuine interest in all our conversations.  The photo shoot itself was very fun, and I appreciated Norm’s guidance when it came to posing to help me look my best.  I was looking for a few photos that I could use to promote myself as an artist, and Norm provided exactly what I was looking for.
Fawn Fritzen, Whitehorse

Norm Hamilton is a freelance writer and photographer based in Duncan, BC.
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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Hey, there, Norm!

    Thanks for dropping by Saint Cynic recently.

    Having taken a look around your blog, I can see that you have some considerable talent in photography. Now I understand why I’ve heard your name about town a couple of times.

    Cheers, my friend! And stop by again, soon.

  2. Colin Alexander says:

    Stunning portraiture Norm . Could i interest you in having a look blogwise at my unknown ( so far ) Art form? I am a local artist working in copper and portraits for the most part . I have also done several murals around town( Dana Neye , chocolate claim). My Facebook profile has most of my latest work. Thank you for you time , keep up the good work!

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