Wind Storm in Cowichan Valley


On November 6, 2014 Vancouver Island was hit with what ended up being the worst storm of the still-young fall/winter season. Driving in from the east, it wreaked havoc from one end of the Island to the other.

It seems that the Cowichan Valley was ravaged the most. Trees were snapped off or up-rooted, powerlines dropped, and heavy rains struck much of the area. I captured the photos in the slide show below just metres away from our home after a tree fell from the far side of Gibbins Rd and stretched all the way to over a trailer in a court opposite.

The only thing that saved the mobile home from destruction … was the power lines. The massive tree ended up suspended between the cable/telephone lines on one side and the Hydro lines on the other.

BC Hydro had over 90 events of similar nature going on at the same time. Still, they, along with the cable/telephone people and contractors managed to remove this tree and have the power restored in less than four hours.

Kudos to them all.


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