Yukon Green Party Announces Candidate



The Yukon Green Party has announced their first ever candidate in Territorial Politics.

Kristina Calhoun at Question and Answer Session

Kristina Calhoun, will be running in the Riverdale North constituency.

Calhoun has been instrumental in the formation of the Yukon Green Party and has been serving as an interim co-leader.

She is seen here at a question and answer session that was held on August 8, 2011 responding to questions from the press and citizens.

Calhoun stated that one of the hurdles the Yukon Green Party has to overcome is the perception of them being a left-wing party; an assertion she says is incorrect.

Some think the Green Party is too left-wing, and some believe it to be too right-wing she said.

Kristina Calhoun answering questions from constituents

“I’ll say, ‘Look, we’re not a left party. If you think we’re a left party, let me please clear that up for you,’” she said.

She went on to say she doesn’t believe in the left-right arguments, suggesting that people actually listen to the candidates and choose who they believe will represent them the best rather than sticking with any particular party.

Calhoun went on to say that given the opportunity she will bring issues forward but wants to make sure there is a Green voice in the Legislature to provide some balance and accountability.

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Norm Hamilton is a freelance writer and photographer based in Whitehorse and is the Official Agent for Kristina Calhoun, Yukon Green Party Candidate

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