Environmental Portraits


 Why opt for Environmental Portraits?

Environmental portraits are created where you live; at your home, workplace or where you spend time in recreation. Each images tells something about you and your life. Every individual, and every family, is more than a copy of their physical likeness or features.  Together we’ll create wall portraits that you will love to view over and over.

Imagine, every time you walk into a room, your family wall portrait is there to greet you.

Photographing you and your family in your natural surroundings portrays the essence of who you are. Although these portraits are posed, they fit somewhere between being candid and the studio-style portrait.

These images tell who you really are and express your personality. Environmental portraits are about you, not the photographer.

Choosing the right location is important; it helps tell your story. Care is taken that the location doesn’t dominate the image and become the subject itself.

Subtle props and attire appropriate to the environment also assist in the creation of a successful environmental portrait.

My own preference for environmental portraits exists because of the opportunity it provides to give much more than an image of how someone looked at one point in time. An enduring story of that individual’s life and existence is created for generations to come learn and enjoy.

This is a portrait that you will display with pride as a large print on your wall and will become a family heirloom.

Environmental Portrait Session

Your environmental portrait session can take place anywhere. Your home, local park etc. We’ll cover both traditional and also more fun and creative/candid styles.

Up to 2 hour session on location
Artist’s time and creativity
Initial consultation via phone, e-mail or in person
Post-session image preparation and correction, including initial edit
Digital proofs provided
Second round of touching up on prints that are ordered
Brightness and colour correction on each image printed.

Why Choose Me to Create Your Portrait?

I offer you high quality portraits with a guarantee that if you don’t love the portraits that we create together, I will happily refund your investment. The high quality of digital images created allow you to have large wall prints made that you will display with pride.

Your family are the most important people in your life. When was the last time you had a family portrait done? Now is the time.
Don’t wait. Contact me by using this web form or by calling 250.709.9476

**I do not include a disc of digital images from portrait sessions.
Environmental Portraits by Norm Hamilton