Fine Art Prints and Canvases


Fine Art Photographs on Archival Smooth Giclée Prints
or Gallery Wrapped Canvas

My passion is finding the majestic in the mundane; the beauty in simple, everyday things. There is wonder all around us if we only take the time to see and feel it …

Please note:
Prints are reflective material and monitors are backlit. Different monitors may also show subtle differences in hue and contrast. Because of this, your print(s) may appear slightly different than what you see on your computer. There will be no copyright visible on your print(s).

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Panoramic Fine Art Images available as Archival Giclée Watercolor Prints and Canvases. These wide vistas make wonderful additions to larger rooms and hallways.

Black and White
Commonly thought of as the original Fine Art Photography, Black and White images present with a charm and intrigue that is their own. These photos allow an interpretation that is unique to each viewer.

Landscape images include distant views, sunrises, sunsets and panoramic vistas that open before us. Everything from near to the far is crucial to the enjoyment of time and space.

Although my travels are limited, everywhere I've visited has presented me with memorable images, often in locales of antiquity. Here you'll find fine art photos from Canada and Europe.

From the stout little chamomile bursting through a concrete sidewalk to the pampered, overly protected orchids in someone's prize garden, to the wildflowers blossoming in the wilderness, they are part of our lives. These delicate beauties provide us with colour, fragrance and health benefits.

Macro images and Abstract Renderings. The tiny worlds that exist within our sight and touch contain beauty unimaginable until experienced. We need only take the time to appreciate them.