Headshots and Executive Portraits


(commercial, theatrical and personal headshots)

Executive Portrait and Headshots

You value trust and integrity. You want your executive portrait to reflect this. You recognize the importance of keeping your executive portrait or headshot current. After all, it’s the first impression you make.

Unlike a standard portrait that is designed to flatter the subject for aesthetic reasons, headshots do much more. They tell your viewer who you are.

You want your executive portrait carefully designed to connect with others. Whether used in marketing or for annual reports, your headshot builds a bridge between you and the viewer.  As a business person, executive, entertainer or author, a quality executive portrait is a vital part of your business.

You want a photographer who understands the importance of this.

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There are two basic categories: commercial, theatrical.

Your executive headshot conveys a light-hearted and fun feel while exuding trust and integrity. A neutral coloured wardrobe works best (unless bright colours are integral to your personality). The viewer of your headshot should feel warmth from your photo that compels them to want to know more about you.

Theatrical headshots give your agent a likeness to submit for television, film and stage work. The nature of the theatrical market requires a more subtle and responsible approach. For the most part theatrical parts have much more at stake. A great deal of money, time and effort go into these productions and those doing the casting want reliable professionals. The theatrical headshot should convey a feel of responsibility, reliability and dependability. Even a casual viewing of the image should communicate feelings of professionalism and trust.

These sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or office. An entire morning or afternoon is set aside, just for you. No stress. This is for your comfort and convenience and allows for a truly authentic capture of who you are. Outdoor sessions are also available at the location of your choice.

Your Session Includes:

  • Initial chat via phone, e-mail or in person
  • On location portrait experience
  • Studio set up in your home/office (or an on-location session) if needed
  • Photographer’s time and creativity
  • Image preparation and correction, including the initial edit
  • Low resolution digital proofs uploaded to a private online-gallery (password protected)
  • You choose up to 3 images to be expertly retouched.

Additional images may be purchased.

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Executive and Theatrical Headshots by Norm Hamilton