Limited Commercial Use License


Limited Commercial Use License

Traditional commercial licensing of a digital image can be a complicated, costly affair, often running into the thousands of dollars and still having limited use. It can end up being a huge commitment in time and dollars.

Now For The Good News!

Personal Brand Photography from Norm Hamilton Photography comes with a Limited Commercial Use License so you’re not hampered by a traditional license.

Your Limited Commercial License you usage of images for both professional and business use forever!

What can you do with a Limited Commercial Use License?  What are the benefits? How can I use my photos?

​use your images in blogs

  • use your images to promote your business

  • use your images in all types of social media

  • use your images as an author photo of a book

  • use your images in print such as brochures, pamphlets, business cards

  • use your images in your home or office as wall art

  • edit, crop, add filters or text to any image

  • you don’t have to credit the artist

  • your image isn’t watermarked

What limits are there with a Limited Commercial Use License?

  • You may not resell the image to a stock agency or any third party.

  • You cannot claim that you took the photo.

That’s it. That’s all you can’t do.

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