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There are three basic categories of headshots; personal, commercial, and artists.

Personal headshots provide the individual with images that can be used for gift giving and for online social network websites.

Corporate Headshots are created for the promotion of the person. These portraits are carefully designed for self-promotion as a means of getting work or for publications in volumes like annual reports. If you are an entertainer, business person, executive, or author you will find that a quality headshot is a vital part of your business.


Environmental portraits are created in your environment; at your home, workplace or where you spend time in recreation. The idea is to tell something about you and your life. Each individual is more than a copy of their physical likeness.

Photographing you in your natural surroundings allows the portrayal of the essence of who you are. Although these portraits are posed, they fit somewhere in-between candid and the studio-style portrait.

Choosing the location is important. As stated earlier, it can help tell your story. Care is taken to not let the location dominate the image and become the subject itself. Subtle props and attire appropriate to the environment assist in the creation of a compelling lifestyle portrait.

Your loved ones will appreciate an exclusive portrait that captures the essence of the authentic you.


Enjoy a pregnancy portrait session created with respect, dignity and care.

Together we will create photographs that will record the beauty of this special time in your life.

Your session can be on location or a complete studio will be set up in your home so you can relax and be yourself. The service is very personal, and since you have your entire wardrobe in the next room, changing your outfit is very easy.

If you wish, your spouse and children are welcome as part of your session.

Choose from classic and traditional to highly creative or personal and sensuous. It's all a matter of which photographic style you like best.

Real Estate

Show your properties in their best light. Exceptional quality for a reasonable investment. Creative images made with integrity. Call me at 250-709-9476 to book your listings.


So, you’ve decided to upgrade your RV or boat. It’s time to find a new home for your old one. But how do you make your offering stand out among all the rest?

With a thorough description of all its attributes coupled with excellent photos to attract your buyer.


I have been fortunate enough to have spent the past 40 years living in Yukon, Canada. The scenery there is breathtaking and unique in each corner of the territory.

I believe there is no situation where we cannot capture the wonder of the moment. Sometimes we just need to slow down and take the time to see the wonder before us. .

Here are is a small sampling of the images I have created during my wanderings.


Flowers fascinate us. From this stout little chamomile bursting through the concrete sidewalk in front of City Hall in Whitehorse to the pampered, overly protected orchids in someone’s prize garden, to the wildflowers blossoming in the wilderness, they are part of our lives.

These delicate beauties provide us with colour, fragrance and health benefits. Photographing them is a joy in itself, but there are some things to be aware of in order to get the best results.

You can learn more about how these floral images are created in Chapter 15 of my book, The Digital Eye, available in e-book format at Amazon.com or at Kobobooks.com.


Images from various parts of the world I have been fortunate enough to visit. I hope to add to this gallery as time goes on and opportunity presents.

Travel photography is covered in Chapter 15 of my book, The Digital Eye, available in e-book format at Amazon.com or at Kobobooks.com.


This gallery consists of images made “just because”. Sometimes the wonder is in the little things, sometimes it is in the grand vision. I enjoy creating with whatever is placed in front of me. I particularly like photographing events where people are enjoying themselves.

If the lighting isn’t great or the scene perfect, there is still much to be grateful for and to love. Wherever we are, it is worthwhile to take the time to look around and find the wonder that is there, in that moment.


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