Portrait Referral Program


Your entire portrait session, prints and all, absolutely free?

It’s this easy. Once you’ve completed your portrait session you’re eligible to refer others. Each referral that books and completes a portrait session with me earns you $25 … plus the person you referred gets a $25 discount. Sound fair?

How can I do this? It’s simple. I’d rather pay you for referrals than pay Facebook, Google, etc for ads. It’s better to keep everything local. Plus, I value my relationship with you. The reason I ask you to complete a session first is so you can refer me with confidence in the experience and results.

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The way it works.

The person you refer gives me your name as the referring client when they book their consultation. (They can only provide one name as the referrer) I’ll track all referrals and report to you as they set their sessions. When their session is finished and paid, your $25 referral fee is sent to you. You needn’t stop referring when your own session has been paid back as any you send after that will be credited toward another session for you, a big $25 at a time.