Nine Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Portraits

Nine Steps To Better Portraits

Here’s nine simple ways to improve outdoor portraits.

1. Lighting First and foremost is the lighting. Those dark sunken eyes and pale, washed out skin are better off on zombies than showing up in your family portrait. With that in mind, try to arrange folks so they are not looking directly into the sun to . . . → Read More: Nine Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Portraits


Composition and Digital Photography

Tree at Rathtrever Beach, Parksville, BC.

The Importance of Composition in Digital Photography

What makes an image memorable?

Sharpness? Exposure? Capturing the moment? All these are important to the success of your photo but there is one thing that sets a great photo apart from the rest—composition.

In layman’s terms that means

Don’t drop your main subject into the middle . . . → Read More: Composition and Digital Photography