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My friend, writer Erin McMullan invited me to participate in this author’s blog hop. You can find her at or on Facebook I am grateful for this opportunity to enjoy the virtual company and camaraderie of other writers and to meet new readers.

We are answering the four questions you’ll see below and then inviting one or more, up to three, other writers to join in the fun. So, here goes.

1) What am I working on?

I am blessed with the opportunity to work with other writers as a copy-editor or by formatting their manuscripts for paperback and eBook self-publication. It is rewarding to help them create their projects.

As far as my own writing, I am currently honing my short story skills by taking instruction from experts in the field and practicing the craft. I’ve created several and am putting the finishing touches on a memoir of one incident from my life.

I am searching for people, places and stories to interview and research for a series of non-fiction articles I’d like to propose. Last weekend I had a book signing and met numerous interesting people with fascinating stories to tell.

The urge to begin another novel is there, but I haven’t had the final push to begin … yet.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is an interesting question. There are two main dissimilarities my novel, “From Thine Own Well: Canada After The Fracking,” has from others in the genre. One is that mine takes place in the near future whereas most dystopian novels are eons down the road. Another is that the narrative in most includes wars, tanks, guns, vampire or apocalypse while the story I wrote is about regular people dealing with a situation that could very well arise … soon.

My readers tell me that it frightening in its probability.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Fiction writing, for me, is usually an emotional response to some form of stimuli. It can be soft and loving, exciting and exhilarating, inspirational and stimulating or downright maddening.

I find that I sometimes choose between sanity or being informed when it comes to the news of the day. Sanity often loses out. Much of what I write is cathartic.

Sometimes I sit in front of my laptop enraged, slamming the keys down in an attempt to bang the words out as fast as they form in my pounding head.

At other times I have also slumped, weeping before the same electronic display as the characters in my story went through a particularly gut-wrenching experience.

Either way, I have an emotional experience when I write fiction.

4) How does my writing process work?

My writing process is non-existent.

By that, I mean I have no set method I follow. I go in fits and starts depending on my willingness and energy at the time. I find it more difficult to get started on something than to actually write it. A short story may take me two or three weeks to begin, and then it will unfold in an afternoon.

We’ve all heard about the writer who doesn’t trust his own ability, who believes his material is insufficient, who wonders if or why anyone would read his manuscript. I understand that. No matter how many times I’m published or how many wonderful reviews I get on my books, I still have questions.

The trick for me is to get past the initial obstacle, fear, and get on with it. From there it seems to flow.

Occasionally I feel like storytelling, you know, verbalizing the story. During those moments I either record the yarn to transcribe later with Dragon Naturally Speaking, or dictate directly to Dragon.

If anything is to be termed a process it is that I write, re-write and re-write again, and then follow up with another re-write. I am a firm believer in not doing the final editing or copy-editing my own work. The reason is best summed up in the credo, “I always read what I thought I wrote.”

Thanks for joining with me in this blog hop. Feel free to comment below or contact me.

I’ve invited Whitehorse YA author, Allie Brennan to join in the blog hop. Please watch for her post next Monday, Sept. 8. Allie can be found at and on Facebook


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