Best Thing About A Book Signing


at_tenoldbooksThe best thing about having a book signing is not selling books. No, the joy is getting to meet new people and share in discussion with them about the subject of my book.

Today I enjoyed some time at Ten Old Books in Duncan, BC with my book, From Thine Own Well: Canada After The Fracking, and pen in hand. Friends from other towns on Vancouver Island made the journey into Duncan to drop in and back me in my effort. I’m very grateful for their support.

Others I didn’t know until today came specifically to pick up a copy of this dystopian novel and to chat about the current political/economic/environmental situation we find ourselves in. Still others didn’t know who I was and, being the kind Island folks they are, walked over and began to chat.

I met numerous fascinating people who are ardent in their work with the preservation of water, the environment, food security and feeding/housing the homeless. There seemed to be a never-ending flow of diverse interests, all drawn together with one aim–to better the lives of those around them.

Thank you all for your passion, your work and your caring.


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