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In my marketing quest for my book From Thine Own Well I am trying different services offered for indie writers. This article chronicles the results from using a blog review tour, book r3vi3w tours.

Debdatta Sahay, the dedicated individual who operates this website creates several kinds of tours for authors and publishers. These include cover reveals, book blasts, release day blitz, scavenger hunts and review tours.

I opted for a review tour, seeking to attract both sales and reviews. My investment was $50 US for the tour. I also offered a $10 US Amazon gift certificate to the most well written review—chosen by an independent judge—and a free eBook to a commenter of the tour. The latter was chosen by a draw.

To date, this has been the single most productive targeted source of reviews for my novel. Ten reviews were written and posted on the bloggers’ sites with four of those being posted at

Working with Debdatta was always a pleasure. Her communications were timely, informative and kept me up-to-date on the status of the tour.

Unfortunately, the impact on sales was nil.

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Book Review Tours Experience
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Not everyone is looking to read a novel that presents a fictional account of a frightening future for Canadian society where the people fight back against corruption and environmental destruction. But for those who do, I believe From Thine Own Well is a good choice.


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