Competitive Fauna: A Collection of Short Stories



Competitive Fauna, A Collection of Short Stories by Lela E. Buis.

Author, Lela Buis has compiled an anthology of short stories that are enticing to the speculative, futuristic genre. Each of the six stories is unique, but all carry a common thread, love is entwined in the narrative.

She provides interesting, but plausible perspectives on futuristic societies. Her protagonists are all women of strength and character who must overcome their individual obstacles. Another thing they have in common, they are lesbians, all involved in relationships.

One of the shorts, A Study of Competitive Fauna, struck a chord with me. It delves into the possibilities of evolution resulting from climate change. The conclusion of this tale of a scientist pitted against bureaucratic and political interference and bungling was one I wasn’t expecting.

The writing is strong with descriptions that paint the image of the world being lived in and enough backstory so we know the heroine, her antagonist(s) and can feel the tenseness of each scene.

These short stories chronicle same-sex relationships, or as I like to call them, relationships. I particularly like that Buis doesn’t include gratuitous sex. Rather she features the human condition, the need for love. Each love scene is integral to the story, written with tact and tenderness … more suggestive than graphic.

The PDF version I read was well formatted and contained but only a couple of minor typos—an indication that the author took the time to ensure the reader received a quality product.

This anthology is a fine collection of short stories, each a length to be completed in one sitting. If you enjoy science fiction and interesting plot twists, I suggest picking up a copy of Competitive Fauna, A Collection of Short Stories.


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