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Science Fiction novel Emergence by Nick M. Lloyd

Science Fiction


A science fiction novel by Nick M. Lloyd.

As I understand it, Emergence is Nick M. Lloyd’s first novel. That said I applaud him for the unique, creative story it tells.

Earth, and indeed the universe, is being overseen by a race, the Gadiums, who have the ability to enhance, or hinder, a world’s evolution (Emergence.) The catch is that the inhabitants cannot learn of those who emerge early or of the fact they are being watched and controlled.

Lloyd’s narrative is divided between the earth, a spaceship and Gadium. He manages to introduce each chapter in a manner that explicitly brings the reader to the appropriate locale. Well done.
The story moves along nicely and has enough twists, turns and surprises to make it an enjoyable read. The plot is interesting and quite well developed in my view.

Where it falls a bit is in character development, more specifically in the creation of individual voices for each. I didn’t have a problem getting to know them, but it seemed that many spoke the same. It was nice, however, to see a strong female among the protagonists.

One thing that threw me was the name of one of the aliens. While others had monikers such as Aycth, Justio, and Sharnia, the one I view as the alien protagonist is named Jenkins. For some reason, that bothered me throughout the story. There are also some copy-edit issues, although nothing dramatic.

All things considered, I recommend this book. Overall, reading Emergence was fun and entertaining. I hope Lloyd continues writing and sharing his worlds with us.

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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