Facebook Promoted Post – Worth it or Not?


Does getting close to 8,300 viewers of your Facebook post that results in 17 actually seeing what you want them to see interest you?

promoted_post_resultPerhaps not, but that was my experience recently when I decided to run a little experiment with Facebook’s promoted post option.

My post informing my Facebook fans on the From Thine Own Well page of the new book trailer received a reasonable response from those who have “Liked” the page. I say reasonable because Facebook ensures that only a small percentage of those fans will actually see the post—that is unless I pay Facebook to have those who have said they want to see what I write, get to see it.

So, I decided to take Facebook up on their suggestion that because that post was doing so well, it would do even better if I “promote” it. I set a small budget of $10 so I could see what the result would be. The reach would extend far beyond my “Likes.”

8208 paid visits resulted in 21 “engagements” including four “post likes,” one “page like” and 17 actual clicks to view the book trailer. The conversion rate (those who went on to view the book) was nil. To be fair, that could be because there weren’t enough people viewing it—it is a matter of numbers after all—or because the book trailer doesn’t excite the viewer enough.

Go have a look at the book trailer and let me know what you think.

Interestingly, I had one visitor come from Facebook to watch the From Thine Own Well book trailer as I was writing this article.

So, the end result was that for $10, I had 17 people actually go and see the book trailer . Would I do it again? …Probably not.

I think I’d be better off expending my efforts locating blogs and readers that are interested in the political/environmental dystopian characteristics of From Thine Own Well.

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