Interior Styles for E-books


Formatting e-books can be a daunting task, often best left to a professional. However, whether you are preparing your manuscript yourself or having someone else format it, there is a simple questions you need to address.

How do you want your book to appear? e.g. What font will you use, where will the chapter titles appear, and how will the paragraphs look?

Popular fonts include Times New Roman, Arial and Garamond. It is really a personal preference. Not all fonts will translate to all e-books readers and the reader being used will set the default to a font it already has. Size is usually irrelevant as the person reading on an e-reader will set the font size to their own preference. I normally use 12 point.

Chapter titles can appear left justified or centered, like so:




Paragraph Styles for E-Books

Click here for more information on styles for the interior of your e-book. (this will open a PDF file)


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