Photography Book on Sale




Great News! Amazon has put my book, The Digital Eye on sale. 24% off the regular price.

It’s also available as a Kindle Book.

      • Learn How To Use Composition
      • Create Tack Sharp Images
      • Exposure Explained
      • Creative Depth of Field
      • Flash Photography
      • Learn Digital Photography Resolution
      • Artistic B&W Photography
      • Make Beautiful Portraits
      • Create Fine Art Digital Photographs
      • Print Your Digital Photographs
… and much more.
Better than a basic manual, this book gives hands on instructions to make your photography better.
  • Learn photography lighting, backdrops and props.
  • Have your photography equipment explained to you.
  • Learn to take better pictures with the digital camera you have…you don’t have to buy bigger and better.
  • Work more efficiently with your digital camera.
  • Protect your camera from the rain and cold…for pennies or even free.

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