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Like most Indie Authors, I’m looking for the perfect way to market my novel, From Thine Own Well. This article provides the results of my promotion through Ask David.

Ask David offers authors and publishers the opportunity to have their book “tweeted” to over 25, 000 Twitter followers. The site tweets once and you, the author/publisher, are given 10 links so you can tweet on their Twitter page a total of 10 times.

The intent is that you also ReTweet the tweets you send.

Ask David claims 25,700 Twitter followers and 3,733 Facebook Likes at the time of this writing.

You provide them with links to the landing pages you’d like to have attached to the tweets including your Amazon page, the book’s page, personal website, etc. Then, each time you use a link to tweet to their followers you can choose one of those links.

I use tracking scripts on my websites so I know what traffic arrives and where it comes from. This does not include the link to the Amazon page.

Now, on to my experience:

Ask David provided everything they said they would. My investment was $15 US. They posted the first tweet and I received the 10 links to follow up. There must be at least 3 1/2 hours between using the links.

Every link worked as intended and every tweet was posted on their Twitter page. Each time I received a notice that the tweet had gone out to 25, 600 followers.

I was also afforded an opportunity to purchase additional links for $10 US which would allow for 30 more tweets. I declined.

At the end of the 10 tweets, plus the first one that Ask David provided, I had no increase in sales. The tweets that contained links to my websites that track visitors showed not a single visitor from the tweets.

My conclusion: 11 tweets sent to 25,600 followers gives a total of 281,600 opportunities for someone to have clicked through—none did.

I am not passing any judgment on the service. They provided everything they said they would. I am simply reporting my experience; the same as I have done with other marketing and promotion efforts I have made.

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Not everyone is looking to read a novel that presents a fictional account of a frightening future for Canadian society where the people fight back against corruption and environmental destruction. But for those who do, I believe From Thine Own Well is a good choice.

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