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These are independent reviews of my book, The Digital Eye.  See above for places to purchase. I look forward to hearing from you.


“A great read for beginners. It answers fundamental questions. I like the fact that the author insists on composition and the emotional aspects of photography. Also, a good balance is reached between the technical and artistic sides of photography. Chapters on “slow photography” and “story telling” balance technical chapters on “depth of field” and “exposure”. However, although two interesting chapters are devoted to black and white, there is no specific chapter on color photography. More info on the importance of color harmonies in composition would have been helpful.”
by From the North

“I am a casual photographer. I use camera only to capture memories but they rarely come out looking like memories.
This book is great for folks like me. While there is a lot of stuff for people more skilled and interested than I am, there were quite a few tricks for me as well. For example, learning the 2/3rd rule for focus, capturing snow and creating depth in the picture, just to name a few. I put what I learnt to test with my basic camera and actually got pretty good results!”
by Vishal

“What a wonderful and practical guide to taking a good photo! Simple and realistic language makes this such a useful tool for any level of snapper. Thank you Norm!”
by Shylo

“The Digital Eye is a well-written, information-packed, helpful little book on virtually every aspect of digital photography. Author Norm Hamilton clearly knows photography, and even though I am a complete novice, there were several bits of very helpful information that I can put into practice right away. I believe this book would benefit anyone, particularly those with a bit of experience with digital photography. It includes sections on lighting, framing shots, composition, and other techniques, as well as informative articles on protecting your pictures online. It also includes some beautiful examples of shots to go along with the tips. A very handy book for any photographer. The only reason I don’t give it five stars is because several bits of information were beyond my understanding, though as I wrote, I am a novice. I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their photography skills!”
by Michael J. Tobias

“This book is a visual feast for the eyes. The author demonstrates different digital camera techniques which are illustrated with breathtaking photographs. A series of articles cover topics from travel to outdoor photography as well as practical advice about taking flash pictures and black and white photographs. As a beginner, I picked up some useful tips, and there is also good information for the advanced photographer, as well.”
by Suspense Fan

“The only time I pick up a camera is to take family snaps at home, celebrations, on our holidays etc. So although I’m not an active photographer I was interested to learn a bit more and hopefully improve my photographic skills with my camera. I found Norm’s book to be well formatted and it certainly was easy to read on my Kindle. I did pick up a number of tips, for example taking shots in the snow and his advice on protecting your camera when used in the cold weather. I recommend this book to beginner and possibly intermediate photographers.

The author sent me a copy of his book for an honest review.”
by Darren Stock

“In The Digital Eye, Norm Hamilton leads you step by step to becoming a better photographer. His explanations are clear, concise, and easily understood. The photos that he includes are prime examples of what he is explaining at the time. And while the book is clear and concise, no shortcuts are taken in this fully illustrated and well-laid out book.

You also learn about the author and his passion. He is not only a skilled and accomplished photographer; he is an environmentalist with an appreciation for the subjects in his photography. He doesn’t just “take pictures”, but rather tells a story with his photos and teaches you how to do the same.

Amateurs and professionals alike should get a copy of “The Digitial Eye”. It’s a great book to read cover to cover, as well as to have handy for a quick reference.”
by D.R. Shoultz



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