Copy-Editing, Proofreading and Formatting


Trust your manuscript to me for
Copy-Editing, Proofreading, Formatting

I am pleased to offer copy-editing, English proofreading and formatting to you, my fellow writers. I have been conducting this kind of work for a number of years both with my former day job working with the lawyers who write legislation and working with other writers.

I offer you both quality service and reasonable prices and appreciate the the opportunity to work with you on your project. Make sure your writing is at its best by letting me copy-edit, proofread and/or format your book .

Trust your manuscript to me for the utmost in discretion, security and professionalism.

Why I Can Help With Your Prose:

  •  16 years’ experience copy-editing and proofreading legislation written by legal drafters for the Yukon Government. I am now retired from that job and offer my services to you.
  •  Diploma in Journalism and Short Story Writing as well as a further course in Journalism completed in 2009.
  •  The “go-to” guy for formatting and computer issues in the office during that tenure.
  •  I have published and maintain my websites,,, and
  •  My short story, Sarah’s Embrace was fortunate enough to be among the top 20 in Writer’s Magazine’s 2012 writing contest.
  •  The Digital Eye, my first published book is a non-fiction compilation of articles on digital photography I wrote in 2011.
  •  My novel, From Thine Own Well, a story of a dystopian Canadian society brought about by fracking and irresponsible mining is available at your favourite online book store.

The closer to publication ready your manuscript is, the less it costs to copy-edit and proofread. If you like, you can keep costs down by preparing your text with a FREE online editing tool.

Description of Services


Copy-editing is usually the second to last step in the process of reviewing your document. It is done with an eye for

  • consistency
  • accuracy
  • formatting
  • style
  • cliches and jargon
  • repetitive words or phrases
  • ensuring that the text flows well

I will copy edit your work to ensure that your manuscript is published in a polished, professional manner. This may also include double checking the accuracy of quotes and references. Copy editing normally does not include substantial revisions to text. That is the task of your editor.

Copy editing by me includes proofreading, thus saving you some expense.

Copy Editing – Starting at only .01 per word
Example – 60,000 word manuscript – only 600

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Proofreading is the final run through of your manuscript prior to publication. The purpose of proofreading is to catch those final, small errors in punctuation and spelling that have been overlooked during the previous steps. Competent proofreading provides the level of excellence and professionalism that your manuscript deserves.

Includes, but not limited to, reviewing

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar and spelling
  • References
  • Pagination
  • Table of Contents

Proofreading – Starting at only .005 per word.
Example – 60,000 word document – only 300

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See some common errors that excellent copy-editing and proofreading alleviate.

Formatting of your manuscript

I will format your manuscript for publication as an ebook or for publication as a printed book through CreateSpace.  Your book’s interior will be  designed correctly, regardless of size.

Basic cost is $175. Formatting corrections and numerous photos and images may result in an increase in your investment. After you forward your manuscript and let me know where you wish to publish, I will provide you with an exact quote.

You provide

  • your manuscript in Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • your prepared cover image

I create the necessary files for publishing to the platform(s) you wish. For example:

  • .doc file or epub ready for uploading to KOBO
  • epub file for loading into KOBO and other readers
  • .doc file or .mobi file for upload to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing
  • .mobi file for loading into Kindle readers
  • .doc file ready to upload to Smashwords
  • .pdf file ready to upload to CreateSpace

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See this page for more information on the interior styles for your e-book.

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