Sideloading your Ebooks


Have you ever wondered how to add an eBook to your reader? When you purchase directly from Kindle or Kobo, the book installs on your reader automatically, but what about when you buy from elsewhere?

It’s called sideloading. Here’s some instructions for how it works with the Kindle, Kindle Fire and KOBO readers.

Sideloading eBooks to Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kobo.Sideloading to your Kindle or Kindle Fire

Make sure you purchase the “mobi” version of the eBook you want. Save it where you can find it readily.

There are two methods to sideload your eBooks to your Kindle or Kindle Fire.

1. Connect your Kindle/Kindle Fire to your computer with a USB connection.

  • Plug your USB cable into both your computer and your Kindle/Kindle Fire (the latter doesn’t come with a cable so you’ll have to get one)
  • Your Kindle/Kindle Fire will appear as another drive on your computer.
  • Use your file management program (Windows Explorer in the Windows environment or Finder on your Mac)
  • Go to your Kindle/Kindle Fire in the file management program and navigate until the folder, “documents” is visible.
  • Copy the book’s file into the “documents” folder.
  • You can then disconnect your reader from the computer.
  • Your book is now ready to read.

Here’s a YouTube video by “toughgong4321” showing this process.

2. Email the Ebook to Your Kindle Email Address:

You can email your new book to your Kindle email address. Here’s links to Kindle’s instruction.

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If you are using a Mac

You may find it simpler to set things up so the book downloades directly to your Kindle/Kindle Fire.

  • Before you purchase the book, go to your web browser’s Preferences and click Downloads.
  • Set your browser to ask you where you want to save downloads. This is so you can download them directly to your Kindle/Kindle Fire.
  • Connect your Kindle/Kindle Fire to your Mac with the USB cable.
  • Now when you purchase your book you can use your navigation to download the mobi file directly into your Kindle/Kindle Fire’s Documents folder.
  • Once the download is complete, unplug your reader and the book will be available to you.

Sideloading to your Kobo Reader

When purchasing an eBook for your KOBO reader, make sure you get the “ePub” version. Save it where you can find it readily.

  • Use your USB cable to connect your Kobo Reader to your computer.
  • Check your KOBO reader’s screen and tap “connect” if required.
  • When prompted, select “Open Folder to View Files”. (this should show your reader’s files)
  • Using Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) Locate the mobi file you downloaded and drag it into the KOBO library. You can do this by opening a second window (then you can simply drag and drop) or by navigating through the task pane on the left.

If you have any helpful suggestions, feel free to add your comments below.




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