Simply Gratitude


Simply Gratitude – A Free Verse Poem

The gathering completed, the plate nearing full
with the textures and colours and shapes
of nourishing fare.
Vegetables and fruits, with some nuts and cheese
thrown in for good measure;
all this provided for me.

I sat at the table, amazed by the sight
of sustenance shining and glowing
from the salver.
Overtaken I was by feelings of
appreciation for blessings that I’d received
so I could be nurtured in continued health.

Laying before me, and free for the taking
was a bounty that so many of our world’s
people will never have the opportunity to glimpse.
The awareness of miracles I’ve been afforded
enveloped my being
with bittersweet whispers of hope.

Hope for the humble, the poor and deprived,
the pitiable many who struggle to survive
in this world of inequity where
a few have more than required while
others perish for lack.
Gratitude, gratitude filled all my thoughts.

For the farmer, the trucker, the grocer and more,
the young mother who left her children
to serve at the store
where countless thousands meander through
the aisles of fodder,
never giving a thought to how it arrived there.

My closest love exhorted to me
that it may be appropriate, perhaps indispensable,
to take the time to recognize that everything comes to us,
often through no effort of our own.
To consider how it got there
and give thanks for its emergence.

Yes, I believe in a power greater than me
that, perhaps, provides for the world and
cares for those beings that reside in it,
but thankfulness must go further
than to a non-identifiable spectre we really don’t know.
There’s the farmer, the trucker, the grocer and more.

All that’s around us has been presented
through the efforts of many
who go unrecognized and largely unidentified.
People just like us who have dedicated their lives
to the work that they do
so the rest of us can benefit and have better lives too.

That being said, take a pat on the back,
and be thankful as well that you are one of those
gracious ones who provides for others.
Unrecognized, and largely unidentified,
be happy in the opportunity
of serving others in their lives.

…after the meal I was resting in thought
and after a time of reflection,
gratitude slipped, the day carried on
with too many things here to mention.
Then I went to the kitchen and filled up the sink
with water, clear water for cleansing…

I thought of the places
where clean water’s not there;
And it started all over again.


Norm Hamilton


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