Writer (Daughter of Time Book 2)


writer_daughter_of_timeWriter (Daughter of Time Book 2)

Extraordinary Literary Descriptions

In this second installment of the Daughter of Time series, author Erec Stebbins continues the saga of Ambra Dawn, The Daughter of Time.

This is a tale of survival and cooperation between species and races, an account of hatred, vengeance and annihilation. But woven throughout is a remarkable love story.

The Dram and their allies, the Anti, created the ultimate weapon to use against the Daughter of Time … one she would never suspect—one that could not fail. Can the connection of the star-crossed lovers save the universe or will nothing prevail?

The depth of love between Ambra and MECHcore Lieutenant Nitin Ratava cannot be expressed in a few words in this review; it is something that needs to be experienced by immersing one’s self in their story.

Stebbin’s’ extraordinary literary descriptions of time, place, action, emotions and spirituality take us to worlds and experiences heretofore unknown to us. Enthralling to experience.

I did find a couple of instances where the narrative seemed to go on longer than necessary, but soon found myself drawn back into the world of the Daughter of Time. In the end I didn’t have the feeling that anything had been left out.

I am once again pleased to recommend Erec Stebbins’ work.

This is the sequal to Reader (Daughter of Time Book 1)

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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