Yukon Dreams




Yukon Dreams – Remoteness and Mystique of the Corner of the World – Damien Tremblay

In this literary essay, author Damien Tremblay explores the concept of how remoteness contributes to the Yukon mystique and attraction.

The book abounds with legendary stories from Yukon: The Last Patrol, W.J.D. Dempster, The madness of Michael Oros, the “Mad Trapper, Albert Johnson and more. He introduces the reader to Yukon’s “Colourful Five Per Cent”; those described by another Yukon writer, Jim Robb. He explains local vernacular such as “Sourdough,” Cheechako,” and “Outside” and then discusses their relevance and validity in today’s world.

Yukon Dreams”is laden with images, both recent and historical, with numerous photos from the Yukon Archives. It includes maps and illustrations to assist in the discovery. The depth of research is obvious and includes an endnote section with 153 entries. (The good part is that each is linked within the text and the link is reciprocal so it takes you back to where you left off. In the Kindle version I read, all the links worked)

According to Tremblay, the remoteness and mystery of Yukon is a large part of the initial attraction … and eventual cement that draws and keeps people in Yukon. He discusses mining, homesickness and cabin fever—all with a similar love and skill that was used by Robert Service to engage readers in his prose.

Tremblay’s poetic narrative fuses with fidelity of information and an obvious cognitive, spiritual, physical and emotional attachment to the material is enlivening for the reader.

Yukon Dreams” is a literary journey I highly recommend.



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